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STEP 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Whether you desire an In-Person or Virtual Assessment please click here and follow directions to schedule your own appointment.

Click here for information about Initial Assessment.
For questions, please call 484-832-6960 or email
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STEP 2: Make A Payment

Once your appointment is scheduled, please make a payment to reserve your appointment time.  Payments NOT made 72 hours prior to scheduled appointment maybe subject to cancelation

You have 2 payment options:


Clicking on the service below, allows you to use a Credit/Debit card to pay via PayPal.  Please note there are service fees attached to Credit/Debit card payments.

Initial Assessment

First Follow-up

General Follow-up

Brief Check-up 

Assistance Re-Ordering Herbs 


To avoid a service fee, please mail a check payable to Roxanne Hendley and forward it to:

4331 S Oakenwald Ave, #2, Chicago, IL 60653

STEP 3: Only For Virtual Assessment

If you have requested a Virtual Assessment, please click on the document below and follow the directions to email your images to me.  Images need to be submitted at least 72 hours BEFORE your appointment.

Image Directions

Before Your Consultation


A couple Pre-assessment questionnaires will be sent to you prior to your appointment.  Please complete and submit them at your earliest convenience.

Whether you have an In-Person or Virtual Assessment, please note that contacts cannot be worn when pictures are being taken of your Iris and/or Sclera.

Other Documents

What Iridology can and cannot do