Please Complete All 4 Steps prior to your Appointment

STEP 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Scheduling yourself is easy!

Click Here to schedule your Appointment.  Please follow directions.

Click Here for information to learn more about an Initial Assessment.
For questions, please call 872-216-7SHC (7742) or email



STEP 2: Pay Before Your Appointment

Accepting major credit cards, PayPal, QuickPay, P2P payments and checks

Once your appointment is scheduled, please make a payment.  Paying ahead confirms your appointment time.

Payments NOT made 72 hours BEFORE a scheduled appointment maybe subject to cancelation




Click below to make a payment via Credit (all major cards), Debit or PayPal.  Please note, there are service fees attached to this form of payment.

Initial Assessment – $125
Pay Now Button

Follow-ups – $75
Pay Now Button

Brief Phone Check-up – $25 
Pay Now Button

Assistance Re-Ordering Herbs – $25 
Pay Now Button

To AVOID a service fee, please choose either options below


QuickPay or P2P instant payment.  Please contact me directly for information.


Contact me for an address to mail a check.

STEP 3: Submit Pre-appointment Images

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 10.46.07 PM
Have a family member or friend assist you

In order to prepare for your assessment, please submit pre-appointment images.  Click on the document below for directions on the images I need you to take and email/text to me.

Whether you have an In-Person or Virtual Assessment, please note that contact lenses should not be worn when images are being taken of your Iris and/or Sclera.

Images need to be submitted at least 72 hours BEFORE your appointment.

SHC Image Directions




STEP 4: Before Your Appointment

Charm PHR Logo
Make sure you have registered your Charm client portal

Once you have scheduled and paid for your appointment.  Through our electronic client portal you will be sent:

2 pre-appointment questionnaires
1 Nutrition Handout

Please complete the questionnaires at your earliest convenience and Print and Bring the handout to your appointment.

Other Documents

What Iridology can and cannot do